Design and Delivery

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Design and Delivery

The best experiences come from working together in partnership to create something special so we start the process as early in the design cycle as possible so that we fully understand your objectives and can help you deliver your vision.   We work with many of our clients when preparing to pitch for a project, both to explore the feasibility of proposals and to explore new ways of using technology

Our non partisan approach to systems means that if you don’t need something we will tell you and if it exceeds your budget we will work with you to find an alternative approach which has the least effect on your design, we understand the importance of balancing aspirations and budget.


Video and its delivery is at the heart of our business, from simple screen solutions through to tracking screens, projection mapping and all things in between. We produce full video specifications and templates for content creators where required and work closely with our own favourite creatives or your in house teams to deliver the visual experience you imagine .

Audio & Lighting

We believe each element of a production is no more or less important than any other.  At Immersive AV we view every set or exhibition as a complete canvas, which includes the relationship between lighting, sound and video. We will either deliver a full solution ourselves, work with a lighting designer of your choice or manage other technical disciplines on your behalf to make sure that your project is delivered with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency