Immersive AV Now Stock AR Tool Lightform

Immersive AV Now Stock AR Tool Lightform

April 3, 2019

Immersive AV Now Stock AR Tool Lightform

Immersive AV, the creative technology specialist, has invested in and now stock Lightform – the design tool for projected augmented reality (AR).

Lightform allows you to create high-quality visuals for projected AR using content creation software powered by computer vision hardware.

It does this by scanning a scene and sending the patterns to the projector over HDMI that the camera simultaneously captures.  Lightform automatically calibrates for the lens of the projector, generates a projector resolution depth estimate map, fills in holes, and wirelessly transfers the data back to your laptop in less than one minute.

Finally, Lightform Creator, the LF1 companion software, generates instant interactive effects that use the scan data and can be applied instantly with a single click of a button for stunning results.

This means that you can seamlessly and quickly add digital content to any environment to create a captivating space.

Lightform can create digital signage solutions that capture your imagination. Forget simple bar and shop signs – the programme can match your signage with your brand effortlessly with projected AR content.

Its new medium for creative expression allows you to create your masterpiece by bringing sets, illustrations, paintings, or sculptures to life with interesting and unique displays.

Using Lightform, Immersive AV can create shareable experiences and bring theme-park level magic to your next event. Users can share the experience in-person and on social media that makes your brand and event even more accessible and memorable for weeks to come.

Immersive AV feels that there is a niche for the system within the retail and exhibition market place. Creativity and impact are key but space is often limited.

If you would like to see a demo please contact Simon Brown at Immersive AV on 01952 953504.